All new website

Welcome to my all new website, so nice of you to stop by!

As you can see this space is currently in the works of getting a grand new look. It will be fully operational again soon. That being said, that is as soon as I figure all of it out, but as of yet it is a bit empty. Give me a little bit of time. I promise I will keep adding more beauty & functionality to it as soon as I can.

However, as it is high season and I’m already working a lot, there is limited time and space to work on this so I do the best I can. So while I figure this out, make sure follow me on the three social media platforms that I’m on: Facebook, Instagram & TikTok. I try to update the three of those on the daily.

While this new website is slowly finding its way like a growing tree, I will be making more beauty. I will be shooting many more amazing people, retreats and festivals, so there will be more and more.

See you soon!

Image showing my work

[Image I took of Sharon Wesseling]