There is a thin and not always very clear line between feeling like a Goddess and letting all off your sexiness spill out. And honestly, I don’t think there has to be one. I think one thing can flow into the other with great ease, but sometimes, you just need to spoil yourself and purposefully let it flow into that sexiness.

That’s why I specifically want to talk to you about boudoir. About the freedom of letting go of all that is holding you back. About the power of owning your own sexuality. About bringing what is so often hidden into the light. Bringing yourself into the light.

So I implore you to give yourself permission to let yourself go. To explore. To enjoy. And to not wait until you loose that weight, but to do it now. Trust me on that one!

Below you will find some examples of my boudoir photography, but know that boudoir is much more than these examples. So if you have a crazy idea, let me know and let’s get out there!