What is a Goddess shoot you ask?

Well, it is a photoshoot where you get to step into the Goddess self that you are. In all of your glory. In all that you are. Because let me tell you one thing: You ARE a Goddess. A living breathing Goddess here on Mother Earth. And I know you don’t always feel that way, but you are. And you deserve to be captured in all of your glory.

That is what this type of photoshoot is for. To show yourself your own glory. Your own power. Your own beauty. It is meant to find the freedom in yourself on camera. And trust me, you won’t worry about me being there with a camera, you’re playing on your own liberation. We will dance and sing and jump around. We will find peace and enjoyment. Whether it is in the basking sunlight or the pouring rain. There is so much to celebrate about you.

Some Goddesses climb trees. Others meditate. And another one runs around in the rain. We are all Goddesses in our own ways. You do not have to pretend to be anything or anyone else. This is your chance to play. Your time to step into your power. Your time to shine.

So don’t wait another moment. Don’t tell yourself you need to wait until… Until what really? The time is here, the time is now. You ARE a Goddess. Let me capture all of you.

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