I had the pleasure of working with Anouk a number of times during a retreat. I can best describe her working attitude as a sniper. You don’t see her, but she sees you in the most beautiful and purest moments. And she never misses.

Especially during a retreat, it is important that the group of participants forget that there is a photographer nearby. When you look at her photos she takes you to the moment, even if you were not there, you experience it as if you were there yourself.

She is truly a gift to have around.
– Joy Kailani

Working with Anouk has been such a pleasure. I always thought that I just wasn’t the girl to look good in photographs. I felt awkward and I never really recognised myself.

Then Anouk came along. She has this unique gift of making you feel super comfortabele and there is never a need to ‘pose’. She guides you to just be present. To connect with your body and your pleasure. She then has this talent to capture you in this feeling and the result turns out into the most vibrant and alive photographs I have ever seen! When looking at myself through her lens I feel seen for who I truly am.

I have worked with her a lot over the past years but she keeps surprising me time after time. I would highly recommend giving yourself the present of being photographed by Anouk.
– Wendy