So nice of you to drop by on the about me page of my Goddess photography website. Let me introduce myself. I am Anouk Pross and I have been working as a professional photographer for more than ten years now.

During those years I have encountered so many women in front of my camera who’s first thing to say to me was “But I never look good in photographs!” or “I’m so uncomfortable here…”

For me this is a sign that these women don’t see the beauty in themselves. They can’t see how they radiate and don’t how to look into a mirror and allow themselves to see that. So this is where I decided something needed to change and Goddess Photography was born.

Where at first I did this ‘thing’ under the umbrella of my own photography company (you can find my other website here), it was time to give this more space, because it’s so much more than just photography.

Doing this is so much more than just photography. It is a way of showing women how special they are. And I hope you give me the chance to show you all the beauty that is you! Because you deserve it…

Image by Pumpkin Fotografie